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The association of food industry visit FRIBA factory

Recently , FRIBA factory received the party of food industrial association which are interested in the pre-cooking processing line.

Won Sihe ,the head of sales of FRIBA , who introduced the pre-cooking machine both in single unit and intergrating of exist processing line.

Showing off the industry automatically crate cleaning line. this line consisting the process from destacking to washing , to spin-drying or air drying , then to palletaizing , all automatically . this line also suit to boxes,baskets,pallets,bins,cages ,Etc..

Showing off the quick cooling machine , this machine uses the conception of vacuum to chill product in a very short time ( to cooling down to 20℃ in 15 minutes).

Showing off the air-inject washing machine and blanching machine , pasteurizor ,  wild variety of defrostging machines Etc . .