Product & Services


  • Two-Tunnels Pasteurizer

    A Two-tunnels pasteurizer is used for the requirement of two product that required different pasteurizing time but in the same pasteurizing temperature .

  • Double-Deck Pasteurizer

    A double-deck pasteurizer is used for the narrowly workshop which the space are limited. This Machine will save your space in the workshop and all the function of the pasteurizing ability are...

  • Spraying Pasteurizer

    A spraying Pasteurizer is used for the product needs to be orderly moving to the next step ,such as labeling ,cartoning .

  • Rollarounds Type Pasteurizer

    This machine use roller transport to instead of traditional transport belt, applicable for the products in need to be orderliness , fragile or even just can not easily moving by normal belt like c...

  • Standard Pasteurizer

    Continuously pasteurize packed Jelly, mustard, pickled cabbage, milk, canned food, condiments, meat and poultry food bags, cans, bottles, and then automatically cooling, drying and packing in c...