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The FRIBA washer has an integrated air injection system, enabling a thorough cleaning action without damaging the product. The quantity of air can be adjusted continuously, so that a stronger or softer turbulence in the washing water can be achieved. The air injection system is divided into two sections, which operate alternatively. This alternating operation of the sections creates a peristaltic movement of the product through the washer.
The variable water flow of the frequency driven circulation pump in combination with the air injection switch/change frequency ensures
that the product is transported through the washer and that the dwell time in the washer can be controlled accurately.
Water and product can be separated on an outfeed belt (optional) on the outfeed side. The water is passed thruogh an overflow tank and then flows to the pump tank. Loose particles are filtered out of the water using a static sieve. The outfeed belt can optionally be configured as a de-watering belt. This has one or more beaters and vacuum stations.
Several configurations are available