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The FRIBA ® Vacuum coolers technology is based on the phenomenon that as the vapour pressure on a liquid reduces, its boiling point reduces. The boiling point of a liquid is defined as the temperature at which the vapour pressure of the liquid is equal to the external pressure. When the pressure above a liquid is reduced, the vapour pressure needed to induce boiling is also reduced, and the boiling point of the liquid decreases. By reducing pressure we can even boil off water at lower temperatures. This rapid evaporation of moisture from the surface and within the products due to the low surrounding pressure, absorbs the necessary latent heat for phase change from the product itself. This latent heat required for evaporation is obtained mostly from the sensible heat of the product and as a consequence of this evaporation the temperature of the product falls and the product can be cooled down to its desired storage temperature.

FRIBA ® Vacuum coolers serve the following sectors

Fruits and vegetables

Benefits of FRIBA ® Vacuum coolersinclude

Very quick cooling time 15-25 minutes to reach 3 deg
Longer shelf life of product
Quality stays fresh for longer
Product can travel further because of increased shelf life (new avenues to market)
Most energy efficient method of pre-cooling for reaching optimum temperature
Product enters cold storage at optimum temperature relieving duty on cold store/ transport refrigeration