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To defrost frozen products rapidly and in a controlled manner, FRIBA offers thawing chambers and thawing room equipment. FRIBA defrosting systems are applied for fish, meat, seafood and other food products, wherever products have to be thawed loose, in blocks, in cardboard boxes.
Fully automatic defrosting
Fast results, no drying out, no weight loss
While defrosting we are reaching as high intensity of melting as possible with keeping the changes inside product at lowest possible level. Despite high defrosting rate the process leaves the plasma and does not tear the tissues of defrosted products. The innovative system of air humidification guarantees fast penetration of heat into the defrosted product, without drying out or weight loss.
Higher effectiveness, lower production costs
FRIBA thawing system allows for much faster defrosting with less work, time consumed comparing to the traditional methods. Moreover, the microbiological contamination present while traditional defrosting methods is minimized. In effect, uniformly defrosted products are obtained, from -20°C/-4°F up to 0°C/32°F or other preselected in core.
Custom made to your needs
Defrosting chambers are customized to suit customer requirement – it can be made for single or multiple trolleys, adapted to existing room, container unit. Equipment made of acid resistant high grade steel. Heating possibility is electric, steam, gas and oil with highly efficient heat exchangers.