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● The equipment can effectively remove the water of products surface, greatly reducing the preparing work of labeling and packaging , it is suitable for the assembly line operation, it can improve production automation. The temperature of drying air is normal temperature, it can protect the color and quality of products effectively .

● The wind outlet is a 1.5mm stainless steel plate with full welding.

● It is equipped with many Forced air blowers (air volume is 2500m3/h)

● The single coil design in order to reduce pull chains of the mesh belt , independent transmission system can take the initiative in the unified connection, it makes the life of mesh belt become longer.

● There are brushes at both sides to prevent the products get stuck to the chain in the transport process, so as to make sure not to damage the products (as shown in follow picture The equipment is made of stainless steel.

● We add the punching stainless steel mesh in the empty of equipment to prevent the products is blown outside because of too much light, products will only turn over inside and will not be blown out.

● The machine is particularly applicable to removing surface water of meat products, vegetable products sterilized by high or low temperature.