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Three Section washer includes 3 water tank which realize the washing program working in every closed circuit separately .
With capacity of washing 400~600 pieces of crates per hour, combined with water circulation system,rotary and screw debris remover in the first water tank ,3 filters in every water tank .a PLC control is an option.
After uniquely design ,this machine will be appropriated for any industry washing ,crates ,bins,plates,cabinets ,baskets,iron or plastic mould Etc.

Three Section Washing Machine

Size(mm)6100×1700×1700 or or Customizing

Machine SheetSUS304 Construction


Spraying NozzleSUS304

Capacity/Hr600~800 Pieces(Depends on Dirtiness)

Electric Source380V/60HZ

Vapor Consumption0.2T/hr./Tank

Power Consumption18.75KW

Water Consumption0.5m³/Tank

Vapor Pressure 0.6Mpa

Water Pressure4KG

Wind Pressure of Exhaust Port 100~1000Pa 10.1972mmAq~101.972mmAq)

Capacity of Exhaust Port 25L/hr.(0.025m³/hr.)

Move SpeedFrequency Converted(Speed Adjustable)